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Studio Policies

Tuition and Billing

  • Tuition holds your weekly time slot in my teaching schedule throughout the year and is required regardless of attendance.  

  • I will count the number of lessons throughout the year and multiply this by your hourly rate.  Your monthly tuition will be an average monthly bill based on that number.  I bill from mid-August through the end of May, and summer lessons will be billed separately.

  • I will charge a $5 fee for each week that tuition is late.  After two unpaid lessons, I will cease lessons until payment is received.

  • 24-hour notice is required for lesson cancellation unless for illness, family emergency, or inclement weather.  Make-ups will be given at my discretion.  Any lessons that I need to change will be given make-up time later in the semester.  Any no-shows or less than 24-hour notice will be billed as normal.  Zoom lessons are strongly encouraged for lessons missed due to sickness.

  • A studio fee of $25 which includes access to recital venues, photocopying, and other supplies used in students' lessons will be billed once a year in September.


  • Weekly lessons are required from mid-August through the end of May.  We will discuss each family's schedule with school breaks, family vacations, and other conflicts and find a schedule that works for you.

  • Year-round study is very important for continued progress.  You are committing to yearly attendance. I require families to continue their studies during the summer.  It is much more relaxed during the summer and I will work around family vacations, conflicts, summer camps, etc.    Expect between 2-4 lessons a month during the months of June-August. 



  • There will be at least 2 scheduled studio recitals during the regular school year.

  • Pianist fees will be split amongst the performers for both required rehearsal and concert.

  • The dress rehearsal and recital will be considered one lesson.

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